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Confidence truly is an inside job! Let’s use our keys to open those doors. 

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I have been there. Year after year the same routine and the same situation year after year. It took me having to hit a wall in my life that I fell so hard into depression. I knew something had to change. After having that hard conversation with God and seeking professional help I decided enough was enough. I only have one life and I knew I had to make a change. I want to share with you my journey and what worked and continues to work for me in the last 10 years.

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What Is Confidence Coaching?
Who Is It For?

Confidence coaching is about learning to master the  “Unforgettable IT” essence that is hidden in you. Bring that fire out and learn to make a room become silent the moment you walk in. This program is for everybody.

Will we be a good fit working together

YES. If you like to collaborate and open to this process and are ready to live your best life

We may not be a fit if…
You are not open to feedback and new ideas. You are on a tight budget (my time is just as valuable as yours).
Relationship Revolution
There are a billion people the world and you only need 1. The person that is right for you and you for them.
Can You Have Crucial Conversations
Learn how to be those crucial conversations that will help you navigate easier with co-workers and all areas of your life.
Conquer Your Fears
Fear is as real for most people as water. To others, it is just a state of mind. Overcoming your fear can be done.

About Me

I have been a proud resident of Atlanta for two decades. Over that time, I have had worked in the field of information technology, finance and sales with such Atlanta organizations as General Electric Power Systems, PepsiCo, Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and Habitat For Humanity.


“Working with Maggie really helped me focus on what I wanted in life and how to achieve those goals. She is gifted at what she does. I am so glad I made that call” Tiffany W.

“I have met the love of my life thanks to the advice and coaching I received from Maggie. She is good at listening.  I recommend her to all my friends.” Michael G.

“After years of being in the same dead-end position, I finally got tired of hearing my own voice complaining. She did such a great job listening to what I needed.” Linda T.


Essentials of Goal Setting

Leadership facilitator-led training on goal setting.

Confidence Affirmations

Daily confidence and self-esteem affirmations.

Life & Relationship Workshops

Life and relationship facilitator-lead workshop



Find Your Balance. Forgive Yourself. Expand Your Confidence.

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