Yes! Abundance. It hit me twice in one week. I am still stunned as I reflect on how the events on this week have unfolded.

Let me start at the beginning, on Monday afternoon as I was rushing through a drive-through restaurant I totally lost patience with the teenager on the other end of the of the drive-through service as I tried to place my order. I was in a rush and I wanted was a cold drink to quench my thirst as I continued on my travels. Having totally lost my patience with the person on the other end I chose to drive up to the window. To my surprise, before I could even pull my wallet out of my purse… It happened, without a word the employee gave me a large cup of my beverage and I didn’t have to pay for it! I humbly thanked her and drove off in shame for having an impatient attitude.

Two days later I am in a different drive-through service this time I ordered a meal on my way home, there was only one car in front of me. As I was waiting behind the car in front of me it took over 6 mins before they completed their transaction. Finally, it was my turn! I drive up to the window to pay and as I reach for my wallet… the employee says “Don’t worry about paying, the previous customer has paid for your order!” WOW once again I was humbled and the only words that could come out of my mouth were thank you, God. I did pay it forward and paid half the order of the car behind me.  The reason this experience was different tonight is that I made a conscious effort in seeking/ receiving financial abundance earlier that day. Not even 24 hours late it was already manifesting in my life.

The lesson of the week has been being open to financial abundance in every way and know that I am worthy of the wealth the universe has for me. It was no coincidence that I was dealing with my own issues of desperation when it came to money and not accepting that money is merely energy. It has to flow… as in cash flow. Whether I choose to believe that I do not have it then it completely dries up, however when I place my energies into making sure that I am open to receiving and giving money then it flows from all sources, abundantly.

Cheers to you and receiving abundance from the universe.

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